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One needs a dedicated infrastructure to develop world-class apps or digital products. However, there are various uncertainties to deal with, such as infrastructure setup, work culture, recruitment processes, and so on.

The best solution is to partner with a dedicated development company. Offshore development centers offer you flexible scaling, adjustable workflows, professional talent along with reducing operational cost.

Small businesses, enterprises, startups can upgrade their business capability by hiring an offshore development team. The team assists to focus on your core business activities by taking responsibility for your technological requirements.

Why offshore development

Innovative software Development Solutions

skilled & experienced resources
We provide highly skilled and experienced offshore IT resources for every business demand. Our expert team stays committed to the project goal, giving our best each day to deliver high-quality services.
increased Productivity
We have the best talent to support your development requirements with our flexible engagement models. By partnering with us you can get industry-specialized developers on board and boost your productivity.
We have a wide range of resource pool to help you with your different project requirements. We ensure that you get your team as per your preferred time zone. Share your requirement, get resumes, interview, and get started.
We offer affordable offshore development services to boost productivity of your business. You can adjust working hours and engage skilled professionals according to your convenience.
We adopt transparency in communication throughout the project cycle. Our offshore development team provides real time monitoring and evaluation to ensure the solution stays effective to your needs.
Easy Team Management
We use advanced project management tools to help you efficiently manage your remote team. With efficient communication, organization, and collaboration.


Dedicated Development Team Set up





  • demand recognition

  • scope definition

  • candidate approval

  • knowledge transfer

  • deliverables acceptance

  • KPI control

Our Approch

  • requirement analysis

  • expertise mapping

  • process definition

  • roadmap development

  • core team setup

  • knowledge acquisition

  • environment setup

  • methodology adjustment

  • reporting on Project Progress

  • Team Adjustment

  • Performance Optimization

  • Knowledge Accumulation


offshore ddc setup and operation


  • Define scope and expertise mapping
  • Project requirements analysis
  • Team selection and screening


  • Team Setup and Define Methodology
  • Project kick-off
  • Setup Environment, Infrastructure, Tools


  • Operation review and adjustment
  • Performance optimization
  • Knowledge Accumulation

types of teams

offshore development team setup for your IT needs

On Demand Dedicated
Development Team
We provide an on-demand developer team of highly skilled IT professionals for any type of development project. You can hire our offshore dedicated team with flexible engagements based on your project requirements.
development teams
At S IT, we provide direct access to a full stack team that helps you with product development, design, testing, support and maintenance services. We offer you the flexibility to reconfigure the team based on your project requirements.
& Maintenance team
Our dedicated support team delivers comprehensive product support solutions in response to the changing business requirements of our clients. Maintenance team ensures upgrades when required, product release support, product enhancement by adding new features, bug-fixing.